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For or against the direct election of mayors

44th Session | Strasbourg, France | 30/03/2023

  On 22 March 2023, during the 44th session of the Congress, the Chamber of Local Authorities held again a debate on the question of the direct election of mayors. In 2004, the Congress expressed its support for direct election, however, the [...]

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Congress recommendations for localising SDGs presented at the UNECE Regional Forum

Geneva, Switzerland | 30/03/2023

  "SDG implementation is a shared responsibility, whereby local and regional authorities must be empowered with the necessary freedom to make decisions and take action, with their own competences, budgetary autonomy and the freedom to decide [...]

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The future of democracy in young people's hands

44th Session | Strasbourg, France | 29/03/2023

  A thematic debate was held on 22 March 2023 in the Chamber of Local Authorities on strengthening Europe's democratic institutions through youth engagement at local level. From lowering the voting age to getting young people properly [...]

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Regions as driving change in environmental protection

44th Session | Strasbourg, France | 29/03/2023

  More and more regions in Europe are putting in place "regional strategies for the environment," as became clear during a debate on the theme held on Wednesday 22¬†March by the Chamber of Regions of the Congress.¬† While some measures are part [...]

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